Healing Drum Circle

Special Healing Event

2 hours

Where: Wicked Glass and Wanderlust Designs

Address: 234 West Main St., Frankfort, Ky

Possible Date: Date to be announced

Time: 5:00 pm

Price: Love donation

This date must be confirmed with the shop owners.  Please check back for an update.

This is a guided meditation type of workshop designed for beginning and experienced shamanic journey practitioners.  It will emphasize a healing journey for self and others.

Required items to bring: drum or rattle.

Description: This workshop was created  to help participants enjoy a  journey healing experience. The journey is especially designed so that beginning and experienced journey practitioners can participate together. The content of this workshop will include:

1. Participation in an opening ceremony and introductions.

2. A brief description to this journey technique

3.  A healing journey

 4. A closing ceremony that is designed to close our sacred space plus send healing to all in need.