Soul Retrieval Ceremonies

At this time, Soul Retrieval Ceremonies can be scheduled via phone, Zoom, or Messenger Meetings

To schedule a ceremony, contact JoAnna at [email protected]

Soul Retrieval is a ceremony and a process to help mend fragmented souls. (please see the note listed below in red lettering to explain the difference between Soul Retrieval and "shadow work") 

 Many shamanic based cultures believe that illness is a result of soul loss. It is believed that when one experiences extreme trauma, one's soul (their life force essence) fragments and soul pieces are lost.  This action is done to protect the body and survive the painful experience.  A Soul Retrieval ceremony is performed with the intent to mend the fragmentation by returning what was lost.  The shaman will then help the person actualize the mending process by performing their own sacred ceremony to complete the mending process, welcome the healing, and celebrate becoming whole again.

Trauma that can cause soul fragment loss can be physical,  emotional, or psychological.  The trauma can occur due to:  experiencing any kind of abuse, suffering from an accident, the trauma of surgery or decease recovery, death of a loved one, loss of a love relationship, dealing with addiction or recovery, being a victim of violence,  experiencing a natural disaster, or other type of trauma that is relevant to the individual,  

Each type of trauma is personal to the client and the Soul Retrieval ceremony is designed to help each person.  Indications that a person is experiencing soul loss are:  feeling a great sorrow that cannot be released, feeling empty or not whole, or feeling that their heart emotionally or physically aches.  Some symptoms are feelings of extreme fatigue, weakness, depression, anxiety, and emptiness.  

Some healers call Soul Retrieval "shadow work".  But the type of Soul Retrieval that is offered by healers such as myself and many other experienced shamanic practitioners is a Soul Retrieval plus power animal or spirit guide retrieval ceremony.  The ceremony is followed by a guided recovery process performed by the person to activate and complete the mending process.