Usui Reiki I and II training 

Usui Reiki I and II training is offered as a direct instruction 2 hour session with a follow up distance learner experience.

The direct instruction training is offered as individual or in small group (1 - 3 people) in Frankfort KY at 234 West Main Street.  Basic information and hands on experience will be offered.  The appropriate attunement will be provided at this time.

The learner is then given a 5 point assignment list of experiences to complete and sent for instructor approval of completion.  Each assignment completion can be sent via mail, email, text, or message.

Usui Reiki I must be completed before taking Usui Reiki II

You will receive a Reiki training certificate of completion and a certificate of lineage

Contact JoAnna at [email protected] to make a reservation for training or to inquire about pricing.