Experience and Credentials


I have over fifteen years of Core Shaman experience and have studied with over six master shamans I have also had shared experiences with a central american medicine woman.  Core Shamanism is based upon the universal elements of indigenous shamanic practice throughout the world.  Shamanism is embraced by many cultures and can be found in countries around the globe. The way that I practice shamanism does not include the use of hallucinogenic materials, it is not a religion, and it is not related to one tribe or culture.

My teachers and I always emphasize love, light, and safe journey experiences. When I provide consultations, conduct healing ceremonies, provide workshops, or teach lessons, the safety of the participants is a primary focus.​ The created environment offers participants the freedom to heal, develop, and explore self without fear or judgment.  They are encouraged to acquire knowledge of how to experience and develop journeys to contact helpful spirits and then practice on their own.  Therefore, they can establish in-depth communications with their guides without interpretation from an outside source or another person.,  

Core Shaman Credentials

I am a Circle Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and listed as a Shamanic Practitioner:  https://www.shamanism.org

I have studied with Sandra Ingerman on the technique of Soul Retrieval and was approved to be listed on her sight as a Shamanic Practitioner:  http://www.sandraingerman.com


I am an invited member of the private Facebook group: Shamanic Teachers as well as the private Google group: Global Shamanic Practitioners 

And, I have completed a two-year intensive training experience with Barbara Bloecher and Dory Cote 

The following is a list of some of my shamanic experiences:

Sandra Ingerman – Soul Retrieval and further study in the area of Dark Night of the Soul

Raymon Grace – Pendulum power

Nann Moss – Weather Shamanism

Foundation of Shamanic Studies – Basic workshop - The Way of the Shaman  and Shamanic Dream Work

Barbara Bloecher and Dory Cote – Two Year Intensive Experience

Sandra Ingerman - Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying  

Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity 

Sandra Ingerman -  Dark Night of the Soul as a Portal to the Shaman's Light 

The following list includes some of my shamanic experiences and areas of intensive training 

Dark Knight of the Soul

Soul Retrieval 

Creating Ceremony

Creating a Sacred Space

Changing Body and Spatial Energy into Positive and Helpful Energy

Journeying to and Consulting with the Spirit World

Elemental Weather Shamanism 

Energizing and healing Water

Peruvian Drum Circle Healing

Transmutation and Transfiguration

Dream Walking

Soul Transitioning

I am also a certified Usui and Karuna ReikiMaster/Teacher.